Gone are the days of the textured sheet background, fake plastic columns, and flat fill flash of traditional studio photography.  The studio is now all around you, moving at the speed of  every day life.

It’s hard to capture the true essence of one’s personality when everything around them is staged.  Fake backdrops and fake props lead to fake smiles and fake poses, yielding photos that don’t tell tell the right story.  How many people absolutely love their Driver’s License Photo?  Exactly.

For the past 6 years, j michael media has sought to tell the right story.  We have captured countless hours of breathtaking High Definition Video footage for our clients around the world, interviewed unforgettable people, and produced work that we are proud to call our own.

On almost every professional video shoot we have done, people have stopped us and asked if we are also photographers.  After 6 years of keeping those questions at bay, we’re bringing a new aspect of our passion for the visual arts to the table.