So you’ve got a nice camera.  Now what?

Not discovering the true potential of the equipment you hold in your hands is like purchasing a Ferrari to deliver pizzas, or buying Taylor Made golf clubs to weed your garden.  Why not push your equipment (and your creativity) to it’s limits?

Our training sessions focus on conditioning your eye as a shooter and your mind as a photo developer.  From exploring different ways to frame your shots to balancing light with your camera settings, we’ll help you discover exactly what your camera (and its operator) can do.

Training Sessions – $149 per person
  • - 4 hour shooting/teaching session
  • - wide variety of subjects,  from beginner level to advanced
  • - small class sizes (maximum 12 shooters per class)
  • - wide variety of locations and topics
Upcoming Training Sessions – TBD
  • - Date and Time:  TBD
  • - Location:  Redlands, California
  • - Subject:  Creative Shooting Techniques
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